I received my baby-carrier as a gift from a wonderful friend. She had already used a baby-carrier before and was convinced that I would benefit from using one with my lovely newly born, Alycia. She was right. Being able to carry that way my daughter from the moment she was born was truly a blessing in many ways. I had the chance to smell her skin, to feel her breathe and to witness all the quick changes that she was going through. I had a whole new perspective on her development. The time while I was using baby wearing as a method to carry Alycia, many people stopped me to say that either they used a baby-carrier with their child or they saw the attachment between Alycia and I and how comfortable she was. My husband also had the chance to benefit from the baby-carrier, and he enjoyed carrying Alycia as much as I did. Well done, Maman Kangourou, you understood all the greatness that results from baby wearing and you provide us with incredible products!

Nancy Laplante, August 2013