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Asiatik PLUS (Mei Tai type)

Price: $106.00 CAD

Paisley Magenta


One size, comfortable and simple, distributes the weight ideally on both shoulders and entire back, large and supple straps, moderate to long baby wearing periods, 3+ positions.

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The Asiatik is halfway between the Mei Tai and the stretchy wrap. It works well for all carriers, spreading the weight evenly across the shoulders. One size fits all and can be configured in 3 basic positions – tummy-to-tummy, hip and back carry – for easy, efficient carrying. It can be worn from birth until approximately 16 kg (35 lbs). It is also very safe and allows you to bend and move while keeping baby tucked in.


*NEW* For a small additional fee you can now purchase any colour from the regular collection in plus size!


Includes the instruction manual and dvd.




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