Of course, baby wearing is a special asset to attachment! But what is parental attachment?

It is a lasting bond between baby and adult. It is considered to be the root of personality and infants’ level of attachment will influence their social functioning as adults.

There are 2 types of attachment: secure attachment and insecure attachment.

The more consistent and in tune with their signals and physical and affective needs the care a baby receives, the more attachment will develop in confidence and security. It has been shown that those who experienced secure attachment as babies demonstrate better social behaviour, contribute greater social return, have better control over their emotions and manage stressful situations better.

If, on the other hand, care is provided inconsistently, it can lead to significant behavioural problems, even psychopathological issues.

Sharing your heartbeat, the sound of your voice and the rhythm of your breathing with your baby as you go about your daily activities is a great way to show you are there for them. This is not spoiling your child, on the contrary. Babies will cry less, feel less stress, sleep better and quickly develop good conscience.

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