Nourri-Source Laurentides

Nourri-Source Laurentides is a non-profit organisation, which began in 2000. Our mission is to support families when nursing while respecting their choices. We offer telephone support, nursing workshops in various CLCS with nurses and training sessions. Our 125 mentors have all had training and last year we came to the rescue to more than 20 000 families. You can contact us by Facebook or our web site.

Fondation OLO

Since 1991, Fondation OLO has been helping children come into this world in good health. They do this by providing a free and daily supply of 1 Egg, 1 litre of Milk, 1 glass of Orange juice, and a supplement of vitamins and minerals to pregnant women in difficult socio-economic situations. Such simple involvement can make all the difference in the world.


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