For centuries, parents from around the world have carried their little ones cuddled against them... Why? Because it feels like the most natural thing to do, doesn't it? Don't we always want to hold babies? Is there is a reason for that? Of course, human babies, like all primates, need to be carried. Baby wearing is closely tied to what is called parental attachment. Close contact with adults promotes the socio-affective, psychomotor and neurological development of babies.

We want everyone to understand the importance of traditional baby wearing and the impact it can have on everyday life, for the baby, the parents and the whole family! We offer a variety of baby carriers, all practical, safe, ergonomic and much less cumbersome than strollers, to meet all baby wearing needs.

In short, at Maman Kangourou, making baby wearing a lifestyle is our priority. We have a social, community-inspired mission; that's why we focus on information, we are always looking to perfect our knowledge and it is always a great pleasure to answer your questions...happy carrying!

We are your baby wearing resource!

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