Our beautiful pouches allow the wearers to enjoy carrying in the simplest kangaroo fashion: just slip your baby in. Like our ring slings, they are worn in a sash-like fashion over one shoulder. This style of carrier is perfect for short to moderate babywearing periods and breastfeeding mothers. Enjoy the magic of keeping your precious little bundle cuddled close.

For premature infants to 25 lb babies (12 kg). 

*Please refer to the sizing chart to find the best carrier size for you.

*NEW* For a small additional fee you can now purchase any colour from the regular collection in plus size!

Finding your size

The pouch size is determined according to the size of the wearer, not the baby. To find your size, measure the distance between the top-end of your shoulder and your opposite hip. The pouch should feel snug at first. The fabric will stretch to accommodate your growing baby. Also, in the tummy-to-tummy and hip positions you will be more comfortable if your pouch is tight enough to keep your baby very close.

If you are between two sizes we recommend that you opt for the smaller of the two.

Your size

Inches (in)

21" - 22" - size XS
22" - 24" - size S
24" - 26" - size M  
26" - 28" - size L
28" - 30" - size XL 

Centimeters (cm)

53 - 58 - size XS
58.5 - 63 - size S
63.5 - 68 - size M
68.5 - 73 - size L
73.5 - 76 - size XL


Keep in mind :

Measure the distance between the top or your shoulder and your opposite hip.


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Maman Kangourou, a proud Outaouais company, offers you the product The pouch PLUS. Moms are looking for this The pouch PLUS. for its comfort and simplicity of use. It facilitates contact with your baby from birth, and does so gently.

Like all Maman Kangourou's other products, this The pouch PLUS is designed, crafted, dyed and manufactured entirely in Canada with top-quality fabrics.

The The pouch PLUS and all other products in this/those categories Slings & Pockets, PLUS Size are safe and distribute the weight over the entire upper body, making them ideal for long periods of carrying. Its flexibility allows you to move around and perform your daily tasks without disturbing your baby. The The pouch PLUS adapts to all your needs!

Choose the colour of your The pouch PLUS from Grey, Navy, Black.

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