Made from our unique fabric created by our textile manufacturer in Montreal, you can’t find a softer, sturdier stretchy wrap. Quality and safety are synonyms to Maman Kangourou.  With 5 meters of fabric, our stretchy wrap is a one size fit all that adapts to all wearers and babies alike (XS to XL). Ideal for longer baby carrying periods, it distributes the weight across the upper body. Enjoy the magic of keeping your precious little bundle cuddled close.

For premature infants to 25 lb babies (12 kg).

*NEW* These colours are available for purchase in plus size for a small additional cost. Contact us for more details!

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Here is the instruction video to no longer follow. The front-carry position is not to be used:

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Maman Kangourou, a proud Outaouais company, offers you the product Harmony Stretchy wrap. Moms are looking for this Harmony Stretchy wrap. for its comfort and simplicity of use. It facilitates contact with your baby from birth, and does so gently.

Like all Maman Kangourou's other products, this Harmony Stretchy wrap is designed, crafted, dyed and manufactured entirely in Canada with top-quality fabrics.

The Harmony Stretchy wrap and all other products in this/those categories Harmony Stretchy Wrap are safe and distribute the weight over the entire upper body, making them ideal for long periods of carrying. Its flexibility allows you to move around and perform your daily tasks without disturbing your baby. The Harmony Stretchy wrap adapts to all your needs!

Choose the colour of your Harmony Stretchy wrap from Black & Grey, Black Queen, Navy Grey, Navy Denim, Grey Queen.

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