Maman Kangourou as created amusing Baby on Board stickers to sensitize and solicit other drivers to show benevolence while driving, after all there is nothing more important than the safety of your child.

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Maman Kangourou, a proud Outaouais company, offers you the product Sticker baby on board. Moms are looking for this Sticker baby on board. for its comfort and simplicity of use. It facilitates contact with your baby from birth, and does so gently.

Like all Maman Kangourou's other products, this Sticker baby on board is designed, crafted, dyed and manufactured entirely in Canada with top-quality fabrics.

The Sticker baby on board and all other products in this/those categories are safe and distribute the weight over the entire upper body, making them ideal for long periods of carrying. Its flexibility allows you to move around and perform your daily tasks without disturbing your baby. The Sticker baby on board adapts to all your needs!

Choose the colour of your Sticker baby on board from Lilacs, Mint, Orange, Blueberry.

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