The Woven Wrap

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Brand new product at Maman Kangourou, the woven wrap. Made of 100% cotton, it is specially woven for Maman Kangourou’s needs.

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Our woven wraps are a perfect combination of quality and beauty. Woven from 100% cotton, our wraps are not only durable but also soft and comfortable for babies and their carriers alike. The woven wrap’s versatility offers different ways to wrap and tie so the weight of the child can be supported across the whole body.  The wrap can be used to wear from birth to toddlerhood (up to 35lb). It can be worn in a front, hip or back carry. Wearing one of our woven wraps is adopting is as your go-to woven carrier. Enjoy the magic of keeping your precious little bundle cuddled close.

Includes instructions.

Sizing: The sizes of woven wraps do not refer to the wearer’s individual size, but on the number of possible carries desired. If you have a larger frame, you may prefer a size 7.


Size 4- Mid-length                   3.7m

Size 6- Standard                      4.6m

Size 7- Long                               5.2m


  Dress Size                                                   6-8             10-12            14-16            18-20           22+

  Front wrap cross carry                         Size 5                                                                          Size 7

  Front cross carry                                    Size 4                                                                          Size 7

  Hip Rebozo                                              Size 1                                                                          Size 2

  Hip cross carry                                       Size 3                                                                          Size 5

  Ruck tied in front                                  Size 3                                                                          Size 5

  Ruck under bum                                   Size 2                                                                          Size 4

  Kangaroo carry                                     Size 3                                                                          Size 5

  Secure high back carry                     Size 4                                                                          Size 6

  Double hammock                               Size 5                                                                          Size 7


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