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About Us


The story of Maman Kangourou


It was in September 2003 that the company Maman Kangourou Inc. was born, inspired by the traditional models from Colombia. Although at first, the idea was simply to have them for her personal use, they soon piqued the interest of other parents who, until then, had never thought of this way of carrying their baby.

Maman Kangourou is soon noticed and experienced an accelerated growth with impressive results! In addition to having created the Club Kangourou at the same time as the first baby carrier was sold, the company works in collaboration with various professional organizations to make parents aware of the advantages of carrying a baby on them. Maman Kangourou is a pioneer in the province of Quebec in this practice.

More recently, the brand Maman Kangourou changes parents. A passionate couple and also Colombian, Natalia and Estevan, have taken over so that babywearing in these beautiful stretchy wraps remains a must in Canada, as it is everywhere in the world. It is with a lot of love, work and with a team of people decided to contribute to this beautiful project Maman Kangourou starts a new beginning.