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Legwarmers | Doppio Knitting

Legwarmers | Doppio Knitting

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Our little baby leggings are designed to match our cape. They are ideal for all those who love to "mate" with their baby. Plus, they are scalable! They fold on themselves for baby's little legs and the more he grows, the more we unfold the leggings to cover his legs.

Just like our cape, our legwarmers are made with a TRICOT DOPPIO fabric that brings warmth and comfort. It is a thick, soft, resistant and stretchy fabric that will give baby the impression of being wrapped in a blanket! Softness and well-being assured. The fabric is composed of 51% rayon, 28% nylon and 21% polyester. No spandex, but very stretchy. Moreover, it is an Oeko-Tex certified fabric.


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